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The bathroom, an often overlooked part of your home, serves an important purpose. It is where we perform important personal hygiene tasks, from bathing to brushing our teeth. Unfortunately, a bathroom lacking safety and accessibility adversely impacts our daily routine.

Our network of bathroom remodeling professionals offer quick and efficient renovation services to improve your daily life. Our experts go above and beyond to revamp your bathroom and revive your spirits. They are familiar with various toilet and tile types that will contribute to a more practical, beautiful, and comfortable space.

Our teams’ renovations have helped mitigate plumbing and mold issues in several homes across Rialto. Armed with a fleet of highly-qualified, skilled, and experienced bathroom remodeling contractors, we seek to elevate your space to new heights.

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Bathroom Remodeling Facts

Bathroom remodeling is hands-down one of the most popular home renovation projects. It increases the value, aesthetic appeal, and functionality of the home. Let’s take a deeper dive into some exciting facts about bathroom improvement.

  • Bathroom remodeling costs vary depending on the bathroom size, the complexity of the project, and the type of materials used. Overall, homeowners spend between $15,000 and $30,000 on bathroom renovations.
  • Walk-in showers are gaining traction among homeowners due to their minimalistic design, functionality, and accessibility.
  • Ceramic and porcelain tiles are the most popular tile types for bathrooms.
  • A bathroom remodel can take anywhere between a few days to weeks. The precise timeline varies depending on the extent of the project.
  • Energy-efficient bathrooms are becoming increasingly popular. This may involve installing low-flow toilets and showers to reduce water bills. Homeowners can also minimize energy bills by investing in energy-efficient lighting.

A complete bathroom remodel with wood cabinet sinks and free standing bathtub.

Popular Bathroom Remodel Topics:

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Bathroom Tile Work

Whether you’re going for a small bathroom remodeling or a large one, the tile you choose during bathroom renovation makes a considerable difference. The tile determines the longevity and aesthetics of your bathroom. Popular options include the following.

  • Ceramic tile. Affordable and durable ceramic tile is an ideal choice for your bathroom. You can go for glazed ceramic to reduce stains and damage.
  • Glass tile. This tile is a preferred shower tile choice. It resists water stains and scratches and is relatively easy to clean.
  • Porcelain tile. Finer clay tile makes a porcelain tile. Baked at high temperatures, porcelain tiles come in various colors and tend to last longer, owing to their manufacturing process.
  • Marble tile. Nothing elevates your bathroom like a marble tile. It is an elegant and timeless choice for your space. You can pick from many colors, designs, and patterns.

Make sure you pick an option that offers durability and is quick to repair.

Toilet Installation

Worn-out toilets can be a nightmare. They often break, promote mold growth, and spread an unpleasant odor, compromising your health and hygiene. If you do not want to undergo a complete bathroom remodel, you may opt for a new toilet installation.

Here are a few steps professional toilet installers take during the process.

  • Experts begin by turning off the water supply to keep your bathroom from leaks.
  • Next, they remove the old toilet and place the new one on the floor flange.
  • Once aligned with the bolts, they apply a wax ring to the bowl’s bottom.
  • Using nuts, they secure the new toilet bowl to the floor.
  • Then, they place the tank on the bowl and connect the water supply.
  • Finally, they switch on the water supply to check for leaks.

A professional may recommend the latest and most efficient models to lower your water bills and improve your lifestyle. Therefore, it’s best to consult them before investing in a new toilet.

Making a Bathroom Accessible for Disabled

A standard bathroom isn’t functional for people with mobility problems and disabilities. During a bathroom renovation, you must pay attention to transforming the bathroom into a more functional and safe space. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • Remove door thresholds and widen the entry passages to accommodate the needs of wheelchair users.
  • Mount handrails and grab bars to offer support to disabled people. They also come in handy during slip hazards.
  • Expand your bathroom’s space to allow for easy navigation. This may include removing an outside wall to extend the area.
  • Install a portable shower chair to let the elderly sit as they shower.
  • Install a handheld shower to minimize movement during a shower.
  • Opt for slip-resistant flooring to increase safety in the bathroom.
  • Use contrasting colors and adequate lighting to improve visibility. You can also install motion-sensor lights that switch on and off with movement.

Unique Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Homeowners often hesitate, especially when considering a master bathroom remodel. Being the largest bathroom in the home, they want to make it look perfect. If you’re in the same boat and out of ideas, here are a few unique tips to take inspiration from.

  • Add indoor plants or an aquarium to give a touch of nature inside the bathroom.
  • Go for a statement piece like a chandelier in the center of your bathroom.
  • Ditch the traditional hinged door and go for a sliding door.
  • Create a spa-like feel by mounting a skylight to allow for natural light inside the bathroom.
  • Pick a unique tile pattern for the backsplash or shower.
  • Create visual interest by picking contrasting colors for walls and flooring.
  • Ditch the shower door and curtain for a shower that blends seamlessly with the entire space.
  • Add a fireplace for a warm and cozy ambiance.
  • Pick a unique art piece to boost the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom.
  • Use unconventional materials like glass blocks and reclaimed wood.

Sharing your ideas with the remodelers is critical to ensure a positive outcome. The service providers you hire will give you sincere advice on what works and what doesn’t. They may also offer suggestions to complement your ideas.

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Beginning and ending your day in an aged, unsightly, and unhygienic bathroom can be a hassle. An old bathroom is susceptible to mold growth and bacteria accumulation. This risks your safety and compromises your hygiene. Bathroom remodeling is the perfect way to revamp your space and make it fit for regular use.

If the last time you upgraded your bathroom was years ago, now is the time to take action. Our network of bathroom remodeling professionals offer unique and robust bathroom remodeling solutions at cost-effective rates. Our experts begin by inspecting your bathroom and assessing the extent of the damage.

Following this, our team create a customized plan keeping your needs and budget at the forefront. They share the material and labor costs with our customers to eliminate uncertainties and ensure a seamless renovation. Not only do our services make your bathrooms safer and energy-efficient, but potential buyers are also more likely to show interest in your home after renovation.

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