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The Problem With Outdated Showers

It may come as a surprise, but half of the accidental deaths in homes are caused by a fall, according to the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI). The same data highlights that seniors and women are more susceptible to falls, leading to severe injuries.

The good news is, fall and slip incidents are preventable with accurate measures. However, we must first figure out the cause of such accidents. Deteriorated fixtures and leaky showers intensify the likelihood of unwanted accidents. This guide addresses common risks and how they can be mitigated for a safer life.

Why Your Safety is at Risk in the Bathroom

Failing to make your bathroom safe risks slip and fall incidents. Here’s what might cause an accident in the restroom.


Regardless of the quality, faucets and pipes are bound to deteriorate over time. Once the pipes corrode, they become more susceptible to leaks, making the flooring wet. Because tiles are slippery when wet, you’re likely to sustain a fall.

Broken Tiles: 

Heavy use and natural wear can break the tiles. Chipped and cracked tiles create a hurdle, making you stumble and fall. A Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) report shows that flooring materials lead to 2 million fall injuries annually. Experts recommend replacing broken tiles with new ones.

Uneven Flooring: 

Uneven flooring creates tripping hazards. Seniors and people with mobility issues are more likely to fall amidst such problems. The floor generally becomes uneven due to structural and foundational damage. Only an expert can inspect the flooring, locate the cause, and fix it.

Outdated Showers: 

Outdated showers tend to leak, increasing the risk of falls. An old shower also lacks accessibility features like grab bars, handheld showers, and a built-in seat.

Poor Lighting: 

Inadequate lighting is one of the biggest reasons behind slip incidents. People with visibility problems may trip and fall while navigating through the bathroom.

Make Your Bathroom Safe With These Tips

Your bathroom may require a quick renovation to increase safety for your family members and relatives. Here are a few tips to ensure that anyone entering the bathroom is safe.

Opt for Non-Slip Surfaces: 

Slippery surfaces are a common culprit behind falls. Introduce rough and non-slip surfaces that minimize trip hazards. You can also apply a non-slip decal on bathroom tiles and the floor of the shower.

Improve Ventilation: 

Your bathroom requires adequate ventilation because it is exposed to moisture constantly. Improper ventilation will keep your bathroom damp and slippery. You can always install a new window or an exhaust fan to keep your bathroom dry.

Install Adequate Lighting: 

You minimize the risk of falling and tripping accidents at night by installing lights in the walkway and bathroom. You can also use motion-sensor lights that automatically turn on and off by detecting movement.

Install Grab Bars: 

Bathroom remodeling professionals swear by grab bars, given their immense benefits. They are typically installed beside the toilet seat and shower. This lets people grab the bar as they sit and stand up. The bars also come in handy in the event of accidental slips because they provide something to hold on to.

Raise the Toilet Seat: 

A low toilet seat requires considerable effort to sit and get up. This compromises the convenience and comfort of people with mobility issues. So, along with installing the grab bars, consider raising the toilet. This allows the disabled to sit and stand up effortlessly.

Keep the Bathroom Neat and Dry: 

Keeping your bathroom dry and tidy will reduce hazards and improve safety. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Mount a Handheld Shower: 

Minimizing movement during a shower is critical to ensure a safer showering experience. A handheld shower allows people to shower with ease.

  • De-clutter your bathroom by removing obstacles.
  • Wipe the water off the floor after every shower.
  • Install a shower door or curtain to keep water from splashing onto the floor.
  • Introduce non-slip rugs.

Update Your Shower With Our Bathroom Remodeling Experts

Although seniors and children are more likely to trip, anyone entering the bathroom can fall due to slippery surfaces and lack of accessibility in bathrooms.

Make sure you fix your leaky showers and invest in efficient bathroom remodeling services to boost their functionality. Professionals will share honest advice to make your bathroom safe and comfortable for everyone.

Along with upgrading the aesthetic appeal, do not forget to convert your bathroom into a practical space.